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People choose our home remodeling services for many reasons. For some homeowners, even though they might love their neighborhood, their home itself might not quite match up to their needs, wants and usage. Another person may have lived in an area for many years, during which time the style of their house has become outdated and doesn’t appeal to the tastes of contemporary buyers — which can be a problem when you want to put your home on the market.

Still other families find themselves growing and need to convert part of the home into another bedroom or some guest space. In these and many other types of circumstances, it makes a great deal of sense to think about remodeling your existing home to make it more beautiful and useful.

A home renovation has many important advantages. Buying a new home can be costly, but taking an existing space and remodeling it instead is often easier and less expensive. Remodeling a home lets the homeowner redo the existing space to their personal satisfaction. They can do virtually anything they want, which may include removing an older bath that leaks and lacks light, or adding an entirely new bathroom complete with modern faucet and a brand new shower head.

The homeowner can take their existing kitchen and create the kitchen they’ve always wanted instead, with lots of innovative storage and the latest in kitchen appliances. If you want new countertops, a second sink, a new faucet, new flooring or cabinetry — a kitchen remodel lets you make several changes at once.

Homeowners can also do other things that can enhance the value of their home, add equity and make it more usable. For example, a homeowner may choose to pop the roof in order to add entire additional story. This sort of huge home renovation is perfect for a homeowner in an area where housing prices are on the rise.

The homeowner may also decide to use their existing space more efficiently. For example, they may tear down some interior walls in order to create a great room or improve the home’s flow or make some spaces smaller to allow for a home office and more privacy.

Hiring a Home Improvement Contractor

With home renovations of any kind, skilled help is a must. A professional remodeling company can provide the kind of assistance the homeowner needs to get the project completed on time and within the budget they’ve decided on.

A contractor like Buscemi Remodeling can listen to the homeowner’s plans and help them determine what kind of kitchen renovation, bathroom remodel or other home improvement project they really want, as well as determining the homeowner’s wants vs. needs.

With our estimate, we also provide expert guidance about the kind of costs the homeowner can expect as the renovation gets started and continues. This helps our customers set up a realistic budget that allows for any additional costs that may arise as it nears completion.

Working with a skilled home improvement contractor helps you to know what’s possible. Your contractor might point out that tiles the owner likes best for their planned kitchen remodeling may not work with their existing plan or may be impossible to find in that particular color. The contractor may then suggest an entirely different yet equally workable approach instead. A contractor can serve as a resource person capable of helping the homeowner make sure their vision will come to life.

Creating a Plan for Your Home Improvement Project

After the homeowner has decided on the kind of renovation they would like done, it’s time to start thinking about the project’s details. Your contractor will help you pull together all aspects of the project, which will include design details as well as the types of materials they plan to use such as marble, tile and wood, and exactly what needs to be done to get the project off the ground.

For example, if you want to have a bathroom remodel done, your contractor can let you know if you need to remove a door to another space and consider putting in a new window in the space to insure adequate ventilation. For a finished basement, the contractor can show you the need for a lally column and the kind of flooring that should be used to keep water out.

It is also important to get a timeline for completion of the project. At Buscemi Remodeling, we do our best to stay on time and on budget so you can just sit back and relax in your gorgeously renovated home when your home renovation is complete!

Getting the Project Started

Once the plans for the entire remodel have been finalized, it’s time to begin the project. The workers will perform the remodeling project according to a detailed list indicating what needs to be done each day. It’s a good idea to speak with them before they begin, so you can help them make sure they’re in the right place at the right time.

You can also make sure they know all the details about the remodeling project planned before they start doing anything else. Getting the details down correctly from the very first day can help ensure that the rest of the project flows equally smoothly.

Your contractor will keep you up-to-date on the status of the project, what has been accomplished, and what remains to be done. For example, we will let you know that the flooring has been ripped out by a certain date and the materials we intend to use are on hand and awaiting installation.

It’s a good idea to keep in close personal contact with your home renovation contractor via methods such as texting and direct phone calls. That helps us answer any and all questions you might have about our work as well as indicate what the next steps are as the work continues.

A short project may happen quickly and be over before you know it! For a much larger project, the timeline may be weeks or even months. A good contractor will stay in touch at this time, helping the homeowner feel satisfied all necessary work is being done according to schedule and within the agreed-on budget.

What If My Project Is Delayed?

Delays are common during home improvement projects, and for several reasons. The homeowner may need some time to secure funding. It can time to get permits in place from local governments. It can take time to order specialized items from suppliers abroad. Or during this time, something might go wrong: The marble for the kitchen remodeling project may not be the right size or shape, or the homeowner may not have enough space for the jacuzzi tub they want.

An experienced home improvement contractor can help you deal with these issues as they arise. For example, we might suggest a different type of flooring for the entrance hall that is better for high traffic areas than another type.

We may also suggest that you consider remodeling additional spaces as well. A bathroom remodeling project may make the kitchen look unappealing and old-fashioned by comparison. It’s important for the rooms in your home to have a consistent style.

As the project continues, a skilled contractor such as Buscemi Remodeling can offer advice about the best way to confront any challenges that may arise. We’re here to help you discover thoughtful and innovative solutions so your home improvement project fulfills your needs in every way.

The Buscemi Remodeling Difference

At our home improvement company, we know that homeowners are looking for something special. We know they want to remodel their homes and make them into a showplace for their personal style and taste. But we also know that the process of taking a home and updating it can be stressful, and we do our best to minimize that stress! We listen closely to the concerns of our clients and hear what they have to say.

Our skilled staffers can take any space, determine what the homeowner wants done and then make their dreams come true. They know how to make sure that the remodeling project is done fast and efficiently with a budget the homeowner can afford.

A home isn’t just a collection of bricks and mortar. A home is a place to escape life’s cares, relax after the end of a long, hard day and do all sorts of great activities such as preparing great meals and spending time with friends and family. Let Buscemi Remodeling be the Chesterfield remodeling contractor you choose for your next kitchen or bathroom redo, whole house remodeling or other home improvement project!

Ed Owner of Buscemi Remodeling LLC did an excellent job on my kitchen. He was very professional, and within my budget. I have a very modern kitchen now. He worked with me and my budget as I made all my selections.

Kathy B.
Holmdel, NJ

Ed was very prompt, professional and very reasonable. I would use them again for other remodeling work.

Mike V.
TomsRiver, NJ

Ed is very pleasant and polite and also professional he installed my kitchen and cleaned up and took care of everything like he said he would. I would definitely recommend hiring him.

Christine S.
Middletown, NJ

He was very professional, took his time, made sure what he had to do was exact, didn’t rush- very good attention to detail. We were very pleased.

Robert J.
Princeton, NJ

Ed is prompt and professional. He fit me into his schedule to do my Bathroom project. He provided quality service. I was very happy with his work and would hire him again.

Cindy D.
Mantoloken, NJ

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